About us

The word “Kantan’na is translated as “Simple” in Japanese. We founded this company on the belief that IT and technology should not be complicated. Complicated IT systems usually mean greater chances of outages, security vulnerabilities and higher cost to maintain**

With the advancements of Cloud Computing, businesses have an opportunity to transform how they use technology. A proper cloud computing strategy and implementation can transform the way you work everyday. It provides greater flexibility, speed to market and reduced IT costs.

Executive Team

Michael Giusti
Australia CEO
  • CEO Harbour ISP (NBN Telco)
  • CEO Harbour IT (MSP)
  • Based in Sydney, Australia
  • 20+ years IT experience
Sop Chen
Philippines CEO
  • CEO Kantanna Philippines
  • Country Manager Harbour IT Philippines
  • Based in Manila, Philippines
  • 20+ years IT experience

Our Core Values

Understand the WHY

We don’t believe in doing things blindly. By better understanding the reason “why” you are doing something will allow us to achieve better outcomes and make the right recommendations.

Keep it Simple

We believe keeping things simple and not over-engineering solutions is the key to unlocking the potential of cloud computing and IT. Simple solutions will be easier to use, easier to secure and cheaper to maintain.

Own IT

Our people OWN IT. This means they continue to ensure tasks are properly completed even if they are not the one that can actually solve it.

Honesty & Integrity

We believe in long term business relationships. This can only be achieved when there is honesty and transparency between us.

Secure & reliable

All our products and services must meet the highest level of security and reliability standards. We only endorse reputable brands and vendors and ensure security compliance is adopted.

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