Secure, Fast and Simple Cloud Backup and Recovery

Our cloud backup and recovery services utilizes the most reliable technology and software to your business. Your best protection against viruses. Malware and malicious attacks is ensuring you have backup copies of all your business data available. To protect against disasters you should also ensure that copies of your data is in a secure location offsite. Are you confident that if there is a disaster such as fire or earthquake you will be able to recover all your data?

Disaster Recovery In Under 10 Minutes

Protect Against

Natural Disaster
Ransomware & Hacker
Malicious & Accidental File Deletion
Virus & Malware

Power & Hardware Failure

Corporate Theft & Fraud

Regulatory & Tax Compliance

Sleep well and have peace of mind knowing your valuable data is backed up multiple times daily and copies are sent offsite. In the unfortunate event of a disaster, restore your files, servers and critical business servers in minutes and access from anywhere.


  • Powerful Kantanna Plug And Play Appliance
  • Multiple Backups Daily
  • Offsite Disaster Recovery In Minutes
  • Servers And Data Replicated To Kantanna Cloud
  • Secure 256 Encryption
  • Restore And Disaster Recovery In Minutes
  • 1 Year Or Unlimited Data Retention
  • Physical Or Virtual Servers
  • Simple Pricing, No hidden Costs
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